EP Update

Posted March 20, 2011 by thealicekonaband
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that’s our new bandcamp address, ignore the aul one.
you can see the artwork for the EP, plus download all that other shite we’ve done.



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hello peoples,

IV. Death By Water, a 5 track EP, will be released April IV*, via our bandcamp page and itunes.  (it will be on spotify by the end of april all being well.)


the track listing will be

IV. Sick Wolves

Watching Rome Burn

Letterbox Field


III. Drowned Rats

you can find one teaser on our myspace, and one here


we really hope you enjoy it.

hare krishna,

john, nathan, stu & ryan x

*because april is the cruelest of months……am i right? oh never mind.

duh-lete your his-tor-eee

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hello all

today we tried to travel to derry to play a gig with fight like apes at the nerve centre. everyone was very excited about playing in a new place but as luck would have it the snow would piss(?) on the plans. was out of ours and fight like apes control though, we were both pretty close to derry and looking forward to playing when we got the word from the venue that derry had went into lockdown and it would have to be postponed. bad times for the people who had planned to go down. happy times for the ones who love us and would not like to think of us driving around in the middle of the night on the icy streets. we didn’t mind either way, we were determined to make it. but on the more positive side the gig is to be rescheduled for sometime and it shall be extra awesome to make up for the missed opportunity. also, by then some of the immense new songs could will be good to go so derry may be in for something extra special. we shall wait and see. the journey wasn’t a complete waste though, stu and i managed to get to listen to a vast range of music in his vw whilst ryan and john trailed behind us enjoying a beatles compilation whilst making a video of the journey. it probably won’t be for public consumption though. day-ummm.

anyway, so our amended plans now mean that we’ll be concluding 2010’s raft of gigs at the venue which probably has been played more than any other at laverys. it should be fun and as has been mentioned before, is for a very worthy cause. it is also an exciting time because we’ll probably be really powering on with the release of the ep in the new year, hopefully within the first 3 months. we have many amazing ideas for it(and some discarded ones which aren’t so amazing)but most of all just desperate to get it out to as many people as possible. i don’t even play on it and i think its great. the songs are pretty much the cornerstones of the live show nowadays so if you have seen a post summer gig you have probably already had the pleasure of hearing most of it. still some surprises and treats on the cd. plus dave tubman has done an amazing  job on the recording so get ready to listen to it nice and loud.

on the subject of the post summer shows you’ll notice a slight variation on the personnel in akb-world. i now have the pleasure of trying to keep ryan, stu and john in some coherent song structure(and they wonder why people end up going mad)via playing the drum. so far it has all went swimmingly, all gigs have gone down well and no one has been killed. the new songs sound great. i used to go to all the gigs so i can’t honestly say on how it has effected the live experience but we may well be on to something here. keep posted.

much love,


p.s. happy birthday to maykay from fight like apes

i don’t give a fuck, i’m from holywood*. LET’S GO MAKE OUT!

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so we got a lovely phone call this morning, it was all like ‘here lads, jeff the brotherhood aye? wanna support? kush’

then we were all ‘whaaaa?! fuck off!’

then jonty had an aneurysm and lay in a corner slobbering for half an hour. (he made it to rehearsal thankfully.)

we’re super gay for jeff, they’re one of our favourite bands, they were also once in be your own pet AND run infinity cat, which is like the raddest label ever.

i’ve come over all transatlantic here, this is ridiculous.  i’m going to go listen to blur and try and calm down.

AND WE’RE SUPPORTING FIGHT LIKE APES ON FRIDAY!  srsly, all this cool shit needs to stop happening, we’re not used to it.

peace and fucking, believe.

*i come from a town called holywood, this isn’t a typo. fuck you, i never make them.

sun worshipping

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i hate christmas.

i have no idea when i started to, but by zeus do i hate it.  i also sort of like it too.

i would like it so much more if i got ronnie spector in a box, but only if i was assured phil spector didn’t put her in said box…..and she was young, she must be haggered as fuck now.

anyway, in an attempt to cure our scrouge like woes, we booked a rake of gigs.  (when i say ‘our’ i mean ‘mine,’ as john and stu are easily excited about anything, and nathan appears to be nonplussed about everything under the almighty, life giving sun.)

tomorrow- spring and airbrake

17th- nerve centre in derry w/fight like apes

22nd- Trenchfoot charity gig in Lavery’s w/Girls Names & more.


i’m excited about the last one because apart from the fact we’ve been busy everytime Ronan has asked us to play one of his nights, he’s doing it for an exceptionally worthy cause.  The Simon Community has been helping the homeless community for decades, providing food, clothes, respite and mediums for social interaction with the homeless and the rest of the community.

the latter is so important in terms of changing peoples attitudes towards the homeless, which less face it, are shite.  the more money they have the more resources they have to reach out, and to make these peoples lives a bit more bearable.

so fucking come,

it’s a couple of quid better spent than celebrating a phoney pagan holiday.


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last week me and jonty went to dublin to see titus andronicus.  they’re my favourite band that still exist and are still alive.  it was transcendental. srsly.

patrick also stuck the mic in my face and i got to scream ‘your life is over’ as well as the chorus to to have and have not.  i’m pretty sure he’s heard of the alice kona band and knew i have an awesome voice…….no…..srsly……fuck off.

peep this, incredible.


any way, we’re playing spring and airbreak this wednesday for a christmasy type thing.  we heart jesus. (not really, there’s no such thing as god….sorry to be the one to break it to you.)excited about seeing the assailants again. wee skank aye?

finishing mixing the EP on saturday too, hoping to get something nice and free out to y’all soon.

also working on new stuff, pure 3 part harmonies for the craic.

finally r.i.p to my jag, aka rory, aka darby, aka shit browner, who sadly bit the dust the other day.  might have had something to do with me hurling it off a drum riser at radar.

here it is during happier times at our first gig.

and here it is today, as kindling

stu was the most upset

Weeping regal tears

i’ll live.

with love and squier guitars.

smoke crack and worship the devil

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happy halloween you fucks!


remember when we used to cover this? wish we were playing this weekend so we could break it out.

so yeah, sorry for the lack of updates, i haven’t had the internet in four months. lots of stuff happened, but our long and short term memory is a bit hazy. we defiantly realised a single, and it was defiantly a rad night. there’s no photos from it though because aul rowdy gowdy bought a smoke machine and no one could see anything. most of all steve toner who slipped on my gob. note to self, it’s not 1977, stop gobbing at the crowd. sorry steve.
here’s a nice review of proceedings.

oh and it was reviewed in AU too, but i’m too cold to get out of bed and go type it out. wadda want from me? i’ve got a lovely head of white hair.

there were also sweet acoustic sessions up on ATL for a while, but i forgot to rip them. did i say rip? nah, i would never do that. i was going to steal a wheel of cheese and see if i could order any blue nun, but they wouldn’t give me a second series.


so, next week, we’re playing an HMV instore with john shelly and the creatures.

theeeeeen, on thursday we will be playing for one last time with our boys the panama kings at their very last gig, along with those lovely ed zealous lads.

this is a very sad occasion, aside from providing us with some sterling craic over the last few years, the pk’s have had our backs from day one, and we love them dearly for it.
also the tuuuuuuuunes! i will literally pay for you to go into the studio and record on my side and universes. either that or we’ll just steal both songs. yis have been warned.
there will be franco and tears, like any night out circa 2009

on a more cheerful note, we got a rough mix of the EP back this week. it sounds MASSIVE, dave tubman is a genius. we really want to get it out to you as soon as possible, but we’ve one final wee trick and/or treat for you before we do that.
we’re REALLY psyched for that. you can’t even begin to imagine.

but anyway, i have a 40oz and some apple tart with my name on it.
health and safety arseholes ruined it though, because through some divine intervention i ALWAYS got the 20p in it. probably because i would eat the whole thing. ex-fat child LAD

die fuckin antwoord!

ray jay johnston wiles